Book Review: Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of The One #2), Nora Roberts

Of Blood and Bone; Nora Roberts; Bokk Cover

Earlier this year I picked up the first book, Year One, in this trilogy (Chronicles of The One) written by Nora Roberts. It came as a huge surprise to me as I always viewed Nora Roberts as a romance writer. Of Blood and Bone was different, set in a dystopian world with lots of fantasy elements. I couldn’t put it down and had high expectations for the second book in the trilogy.

It certainly didn’t disappoint me, however, some things changed considerably. The dystopian elements disappeared completely and it turned into another fantasy novel. Even the world it’s set in (theoretically the USA) doesn’t resemble our world anymore apart from the occasional city name dropping. I don’t see this s a bad thing though. I like the fantasy genre and enjoyed the story. It’s something to keep in mind though if you’re looking for a dystopian novel.

To me it felt like the typical middle book of a trilogy, the pacing was slower and there weren’t many action scenes (apart from the end). I can still remember the violent, even shocking elements from the first book, which were missing in this one. The focus lay on the development and training of the main characters (especially Fallon, Duncan and Tonia) and their process of growing up. I loved the magical elements, the fairies, witches and other mythical creatures.

I can definitely recommend Of Blood and Bone (and the series) and can’t wait to pick up the final one!

Summary from Goodreads

They look like an everyday family living an ordinary life. But beyond the edges of this peaceful farm, unimaginable forces of light and dark have been unleashed.

Fallon Swift, approaching her thirteenth birthday, barely knows the world that existed beforeβ€”the city where her parents lived, now in ruins and reclaimed by nature since the Doom sickened and killed billions. Traveling anywhere is a danger, as vicious gangs of Raiders and fanatics called Purity Warriors search for their next victim. Those like Fallon, in possession of gifts, are huntedβ€”and the time is coming when her true nature, her identity as The One, can no longer be hidden.

In a mysterious shelter in the forest, her training is about to begin under the guidance of Mallick, whose skills have been honed over centuries. She will learn the old ways of healing; study and spar; encounter faeries and elves and shifters; and find powers within herself she never imagined. And when the time is right, she will take up the sword, and fight. For until she grows into the woman she was born to be, the world outside will never be whole again.

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