Who is Selkis?

Hi, my name is Karin, I’m from Germany, mum to a five-year-old little boy and I love books! (What a surprise!) I used to be that child with her head constantly buried in books and that hasn’t changed as an adult. Is there a better way to spend a rainy afternoon than to get lost in a good book, fully immerse yourself in an epic story with amazing characters, or learn new and fascinating things about the world we live in?

When I’m not reading I’m learning languages. My biggest projects are perfecting my English (a long way to go still) as well as brushing up on my Spanish.
I started this blog to have a creative outlet, to talk about the things that interest me and find like-minded people.

What do I read?

Non-fiction: I love reading about history (especially prehistory, the classics, and Ancient Egypt), Science (biology), politics & economics, philosophy, and atheism. I’m always open to trying new things though.

Fiction: I like historical fiction (love Pauline Gedge and Bernard Cornwell), fantasy (J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Pratchett are my favourite authors of all time), and science fiction. The only genre I’m not interested in is Romance.